November 08, 2006

into the dark knight

I'm not what you call a fan of Batman, at least not in the generic sense of the word. I don't own any merchandising (T-shirts, toys, posters, candy, action figures or trading cards) in his likeness, I can't really remember all people that have been Robin (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, arguably Carrie Kelley), but most of all...

I can't stand to watch Batman movies.

Unfortunately there's going to be another one, The Dark Knight is scheduled to appear sometime in 2008. To refresh your memory, there was "Batman", "Batman Returns", "Batman Forever", "Batman and Robin", "Batman Begins" and now "The Dark Knight"...yeah, I don't really see a pattern.

I feel a certain sadness because the Batman fights and triumphs against so many super-villains, but he is powerless to stop his own commericialism. Batman movies are terrible, except for the one with Val Kilmer. That one was okay.

There is a confusing lack of continuity between all the movies...different directors, different actors playing Batman, different villians...if you watched all the Batman movies in a row you'll probably not be any closer to understanding anything about Batman.

For the impatient, this is the short introduction to Batman. There won't be much discussion on why he does it, its pretty much accepted that one dedicates their lives to secretly fighting crime once your parents get murdered.

The tight outfits, large inheritance, loyal man-servant and teenage sidekick are just perks that come with the job.

So is striking fear the motivation for wearing the mantle of the bat? There are lots of scary things out there, he could have very well been named "Clownman" (Coulrophobia : fear of clowns), "Big Walk Man" (Ambulophobia : fear of walking), "Elevator Man" (Claustrophobia : fear of enclosed spaces) or "Naked Man" (Gymnophobia : fear of...nudity).

Some have argued that Batman is just nuts. Mental illness is a prevalent theme for Batman, from his inception, his villains, his methods and his social interactions (or lack of).

While he has no extraordinary powers to begin with, he is still a force to be reckon with with his investigative skills, physical prowess, technology and use of fear and intimidation.

With these has has been able to defeat Superman (The Dark Knight Returns), dared to love the daughter of his enemy (Talia al Ghul), helped out the Justice League, walked again after his back is broken (Knightfall), there is much more to Batman than just fighting bad guys.

You could do yourself more of a favour by enjoying what the real Batman has to offer. Essential reading would be : The Killing Joke, The Dark Knight Returns, Tales of the Demon, The Long Halloween, Year One. There's plenty more...but these would be a good place to start.

I'll probably still go watch the movie. I else can I complain about it? :p

November 8, 2006 04:47 PM

Wahahaha.. Batman isn't my all time favorite hero but he is the only mortal in the group that can die and is vulnerable. The backbroken storyline was bloody interesting until whatshisname took his place while Bruce Wayne was in a wheelchair. How'd he beatup the fella who broke his back anyway? I didn't see the conclusion comic.

And if you go watch batman, I wanna go watch too! (that's if you're not dating or something).

Posted by: Izso at November 16, 2006 03:51 AM
the mundane adventures of joon

quick links.


war of the worlds
Strangely, the computer generated aliens in this movie felt more believable than both Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning, who spend most of the time looking shell shocked or screaming hysterically. The overall effect is a cold, clinical exercise in extermination, ending as suddenly as it began.

hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
This movie reminds us that instead of using special effects to blow stuff up, we could use it to bring to life one of the wackiest sci-fi rides of all time. Brilliant use of Flash animation (for the guide itself) and Marvin is just...too cute to take seriously. Remember now, always carry a towel and whatever happens, don't panic.

So long Douglas, and thanks for all the fish.

batman begins
I guess you can say this is movie truly captures the spirit of Batman's beginnings, because it is as weak as Bruce Wayne was before his transformation into the world's greatest detective. In the end Christian Bale and his sidekicks Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine were just undone by Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes and the rest of the cast. Perhaps next time...

Didn't know anyone else delivered pizza, other than Pizza Hut and Dominos. Generous amount of toppings and cheese make it hard to pick up the phone and go back to dialing 1-300-PIZZA

just thai
Looks like just another Thai restaurant on the outside, but once you sit down, you'll notice that everything is done 'just right'. Wait staff were attentive and seemed genuinely happy to be there, and the food took 5 minutes to arrive (!). They didn't have any pandan chicken, so we settled for beef noodles (which tasted like real beef) and pineapple fried rice (flawless). Can't wait to go back and the other stuff.

Never heard of Chettinad cooking, but RM15 for a set meal of rasam, lime juice, briyani, rice, fried chicken, two curries, yogurt, papadam and chapati is an incredible deal.

kopi time cafe
new take on the old-style kopi tiam, complete with modern pricings. porridge for seven bucks is pricey, but the curry noodles are okay. What exactly is a coffee cow?